Album of the Year Poll 2014

The year is quickly coming to an end and, once again, it has been another big year for releases. is excited to launch its annual Album of the Year poll for 2014.

Album of the Year 2014

Now you have the chance to pick your five favourite albums. Think it over, decide what you consider worthy and by voting you have the chance to win fantastic prize packs from the likes of: Shock / Halfcut Records, Destroy All Lines, Epitaph, Resist Records, Warner / Roadrunner Records, and Sony. You can only pick/enter once so choose carefully.


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Don’t agree with the list? Then have your say.

56 Responses to “Album of the Year Poll 2014”

  1. boganus

    list is missing

    j mascis – tied to a star
    sargeist – feeding the crawling shadows
    tom petty & the heartbreakers – hypnotic eye

  2. Maryhxc

    Aveira Skies, Confession ,The Ghost Inside, In Hearts Wake and Architects for me are the best releases but there more good ones on this list.

  3. HIMSteveO

    Will the lists be updated with anything missing? I’m not really wanting to vote yet without CR on there, because I honestly feel they made the best album of this year…

  4. azrael teh n00b

    Surroundings, guys.
    Sik lads, good music and they worked bloody hard to get back on the road.
    Plus, sik shows.
    Guys need more recognition.

  5. Toximus

    Forever The Optimist,
    He Is Legend,
    Closure In Moscow.
    Fuck yeah.
    Skindred and Rancid albums I probably enjoyed more than closure, but closure’s record takes the spot for sheer creative brilliance.

  6. prateekcertain

    Primordial, Darkspace, Abigor, Nightbringer, Spectral Lore, Sargeist, Saor, Mare Cognitum, Panopticon, Solstafir, Emptiness, Aenaon, Nasheim and more missing.

  7. JackIrven95

    Voted for
    Closure In Moscow – “Pink Lemonade”
    La Dispute – “Rooms Of The House”
    Monuments – “The Amanuensis”
    Ne Obliviscaris – “Citadel”
    The Contortionist – “Language”

  8. MeganFair

    Other amazing albums not on the list
    Frankie Cosmos – Zentropy
    Tweens – Tweens
    Radiator Hospital – Torch Song
    PUP – PUP

  9. rattfinx

    If you didn’t vote for at least 3/5 of these bands, I feel bad for your ears, son.

    68, In Humor and Sadness
    Architects, Lost Forever / Lost Together
    Behemoth, The Satanist
    La Dispute, Rooms of the House
    The Ghost Inside, Dear Youth

    Side-note – why the FUCK is Weezer even within sniffing distance of this list? At least put the Blue album or Pinkerton.. But even then they’re like a sore thumb in there. The single off the album listed is basically an apology for their last 2 disasters- Er, albums, I mean.

  10. rbtwthmnhr

    Clousure in Moscow – Pink Lemonade
    Hail the Sun – Wake
    Circa Survive – Decensus
    Sianvar – Sianvar EP
    Kurt Travis – Everything Is Beautiful

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